We supply and fit car towbars made by Brink, who are the largest manufacturer of towbars in Europe and a grade one supplier to the automotive industry.

There are three different styles of Brink Towbars:

Fixed Swan Neck – these are permanently attached to a vehicle. This makes it easy to use because it is always available. The fixed towbar is often chosen by drivers who use the towbar regularly or who want a practical solution at a reasonable price.

Detachable – are much like the Swan Neck design when in use. They have the added advantage that the towball can be removed when not required. These towbars are ideal for drivers who want to retain the original aesthetics of their car. Sometimes the detachable towbar is the only option for a car due to the location of the licence plate or fog light in the rear bumper. Obstruction of these will likely cause an NCT test failure and may also lead to being stopped by the Gardai.

Flange Ball – the two-bolt fixed flange towbar is a more traditional design. It is now mainly offered for Light Commercial Vehicles, 4x4s and popular towing vehicles where specific accessories are required.

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